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Healthcare Solutions

Sybase enables healthcare organizations worldwide to mobilize information at the point of care, access clinical data securely and accelerate innovation and research.

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Protect, analyze and provide access to data used to process claims, manage risk and improve services


Maximize and streamline workflow for hospitals and reference laboratories

Mobile Healthcare Solutions

Deliver better care with mobile applications and development tools

Optimized solutions for healthcare
Healthcare organizations are under heavy pressure to control escalating healthcare costs, reduce the ranks of the uninsured, improve quality of care and support innovative clinical research. Meaningful improvements in healthcare efficiency and quality will rely heavily on technologies that can improve the flow, integration and interpretation of data across the continuum of care.

Sybase products and Professional Services can help your organization:

  • Mobilize information at the point of care
  • Securely access clinical data
  • Accelerate innovation and research.

We enable real-time eligibility verification at admission, give clinicians and physicians secure access to patients’ clinical information via the Web and make it more feasible for health plans and providers to consolidate and analyze large amounts of data to speed research, improve care and reduce costs. Read more about how Sybase technologies for healthcare are helping healthcare organizations worldwide, by providing them with the most reliable emergency management software and system.

Check out our Partner Directory to view more than more than 95 application partners that offer clinical, financial, administrative, and medical management solutions.

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