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Modeling for Enterprise Architecture — Key Features

  • PowerDesigner supports the following modeling techniques
    • Data Modeling: PowerDesigner supports Conceptual, Logical and Physical Data models, including Warehouse Modeling extensions, based on Information Engineering or IDEF 1/x notation
    • Application Modeling: PowerDesigner supports all UML diagrams and offers advanced object/relational mapping for persistence implementation management. PowerDesigner also supports XML-specific modeling techniques linked to UML and Data models
    • Business Process Modeling: PowerDesigner supports intuitive, non-technical business process description and definition diagrams, as well as process execution language modeling for BPEL4WS and ebXML.
    • Modeling for Enterprise Architecture: PowerDesigner supports enterprise architecture from business goals through implementation using unique Link and Sync technology. This allows users to remove silos, increase alignment and improve business agility to respond to changes in economics, technology, competition and regulations.
  • PowerDesigner models are fully integrated: Using PowerDesigner's Link and Synch technologies. PowerDesigner models integrate metadata across all model types.
  • PowerDesigner offers specific modeling techniques for specific individuals. Data modelers, data analysts, architects and developers can take advantage of technology-centric metadata management capabilities while IT managers and non-technical folks can benefit from business-centric techniques, all integrated into one common, easy-to-use framework.
  • PowerDesigner's Enterprise Repository is a fully integrated design-time repository: Hosted by your choice of relational database, PowerDesigner's highly scaleable, remote-user friendly Enterprise Repository offers capabilities like:
    • Role-based security on models and sub-models
    • Version control and configuration management
    • Merge
    • Delta reports between models and versions
    • Comprehensive full repository search capabilities.
  • Open support for all major development platforms: supporting 60+ relational database management systems, leading application development platforms like Java J2EE, Microsoft .NET, Web Services and PowerBuilder, and process execution languages such as ebXML and BPEL4WS
  • Customizable: PowerDesigner offers fully scriptable MDA support, advanced support for UML profiles, common task automation through scripting languages and fully customizable DDL or code generation through templates and scriptable code generators
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