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PowerBuilder is the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective application development tool for creating high-performance, data-driven business applications. PowerBuilder is both revolutionary and proven technology that has uniquely evolved to stay in synch with the latest functionality and visual user interface advances. PowerBuilder IS .NET…and so much more.


Licensing Options for PowerBuilder (all Editions):

  • PowerBuilder Standalone Seat License: The Standalone Seat License (SS) permits the use of a copy of the PowerBuilder Program for creation of applications on one Seat, a single workstation on which the program resides. 
    • PowerBuilder Purchasing Standalone Seat License Guidelines: 
      • Purchase one SS License for each workstation PowerBuilder will run on.
    • PowerBuilder Licensing Options Notes:
      • Begining with v12, PowerBuilder Enterprise is the only edition available; PB Desktop and PB Professional are no longer available.
      • No ODBC Drivers included in PowerBuilder: Sybase has discontinued shipping DataDirect drivers in all products. Therefore, PowerBuilder Enterprise and Professional will no longer ship with these drivers. Customers who want to use ODBC or OLE-DB drivers will need to purchase them from the RDBMS vendor. PowerBuilder Enterprise will continue to provide direct native driver support.
      • PowerBuilder includes the royalty-free runtime edition of Adaptive Server Anywhere for Windows (the "ASA Runtime Edition"). The ASA Runtime Edition is a restricted-functionality version of the standalone version of Adaptive Server Anywhere. For example, the ASA Runtime Edition does not support stored procedures and triggers, transaction logs, and synchronization. 
      • PowerBuilder Enterprise v11.5 ONLY includes free copies of PocketBuilder 2.5 (full product) and Powerbuilder Application server Plug-in (Developer only).  These companion products are not included with PowerBuilder Enterprise 12.0.

For more information on Sybase License Models or License Types, go to Sybase License Info or License Definitions.

For more information on PowerBuilder product-specific terms, go to Product Specific License Terms



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