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Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP® CRM

The Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP® CRM solution equips your sales professionals with the tools they need to increase revenue, accelerate buying decisions, and maximize team productivity while on the go.


Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP® CRM provides anywhere, anytime access to critical SAP CRM data using smartphones, such as iPhones and Windows Mobile devices. Whether at a customer site or in an airplane, your sales professionals will always have quick and reliable access to their CRM data from their mobile device of choice in order to maximize their productivity and effectiveness. The solution provides full access to SAP CRM accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, activities and analytics all from a mobile device.

This mobile productivity application is built by Sybase to meet the needs of SAP customers, is fully certified and supported by both SAP and Sybase, and leverages the proven mobile infrastructure strengths of Sybase Unwired Platform and NetWeaver Mobile®.

Quickly access sales accounts

  • From a single, comprehensive view, capture, monitor, and track critical information about prospects, customers, and partners.

Seamless Lead and Opportunity Management

  • New leads and opportunities appear instantly in the device inbox as they are assigned in the SAP CRM system

Coordinated Activity Management

  • Quickly access, create and modify planned activities using a list function or the native calendar application

Effective Sales Documents and Analytics

  • Review charts and key reports, such as pipeline analysis, top opportunities, and top sales orders to prioritize actions in order to achieve sales objectives in the most efficient manner.

Customization and Enhancement Capabilities

  • Additional enhancement capabilities, such as field mapping, the ability to enable/disable CRM modules, and language selection to provide a flexible solution for your enterprise


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