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Sybase RAP

Sybase RAP is the award-winning enterprise-class platform that combines real-time tick capture, trade capture, and historical analytics in a single integrated platform

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Real-Time Risk Aggregation
Real-Time Risk Aggregation

Features & Benefits

In the fast-paced world of capital markets, the ability to assess the state of the market and act ahead of others is critical. This involves more than simply getting live market data to applications faster. The real challenge is in constructing a holistic view of the market and/or your positions and exposures by combining historical data with real-time market data. Data is typically fragmented into multiple silos, and consolidating data into a unified data set that can support multiple analytics requirements—from real-time trade analytics to multi-year historical and quantitative analysis—has been difficult if not impossible – until now. Sybase RAP provides a single platform that provides high- speed data absorption with simultaneous and immediate access to common data needed by multiple user communities, including quants, traders, and risk managers, supplying data to trading applications and enabling intra-day risk management and market analysis.

Accelerate application development

  • A rich set of aggregate, ranking, statistical and mathematical functions, including standard deviation, variance, covariance, correlation, weighted averages, linear regression, and more
  • Ability to apply aggregate functions to subsets of data using GROUP BY and windowing

Rich and extensible functions for time-series analytics

  • Fit time series data and predict future values
  • Model-based estimation of missing data
  • Detect outliers and adjust models for their effects
  • Find correlation structure in data with autocorrelation and partial autocorrelation functions
  • Extensible user defined functions

Increase productivity & consistency

  • SQL-based approach increases developer productivity
  • Create commonly used models in the server and share among team members to provide consistent results
  • Consolidate commonly used data preparation functions in the server, to ensure all analysts pre-process data consistently

Dramatically faster answers

  • Columnar store optimized for analytic workloads; in-memory cache optimized for mixed and OLTP workloads
  • Advanced patented data compression reduces I/O
  • Scale-out query workloads with addition of more reader nodes
  • Advanced indexing

Unprecedented reliability, scalability & availability

  • Easily scale out to tackle increasing and/or changing workloads via clusters of low-cost commodity hardware
  • Proven high availability for all components


  • Economically maintain petabytes of historical data online via compression, indexing and hierarchical storage management
  • Automated data management for transferring derived data from cache to historical repository and for optimizing the amount of data stored in-memory
  • Selective data placement, partitioning and management features optimize storage and access patterns for different storage tiers and reduce the administrative overhead of managing large databases

One vendor

  • One solution for analytics and streaming data management
  • Integrated CEP and event storage provides analysis and persistence of raw, cleansed and/or enriched market data streams in real-time intra-day and historical event stores
Event stream processing  

Respond quickly with minimal latency

  • Support for continuous analytics and alerts with low-latency streaming output
  • Native C/C++ engine, adapters and analytics offer consistently low latency and high throughput
  • Efficient publish-subscribe architecture enables enterprise scalability
  • Optimized for modern multi-core, multi-threaded 64-bit hardware

Integrate faster

  • Built-in analytic functions
  • Extensive off-the-shelf adapters
  • Comprehensive SDKs, including C/C++, C# and Java
  • Extensible User Defined Functions (UDFs)

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