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SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere

SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere is a comprehensive suite of solutions that provides data management, synchronization and data exchange technologies that enable the rapid development and deployment of database-powered applications in remote and mobile environments.

BlackBerry ® Support

Mobilizing corporate information to mobile devices, including the BlackBerry® smartphone, is what Sybase does best. Recognized by worldwide analysts and its global customer-base, Sybase has the technology to mobilize any data or business process to the BlackBerry® or other mobile device.

News from the SQL Anywhere Blogging Community

Jason Hinsperger Chris Kleisath Tom Slee
  • sybase.public.sqlanywhere.mobilink
    SQL Anywhere MobiLink Newsgroup - Exchange problems and solutions, with help from Sybase Technical Advisors and TeamSybase, concerning the use of iAnywhere Mobilink, our data synchronization technology. Enables you to use MobiLink to greater potential.
  • sybase.public.sqlanywhere.general
    SQL Anywhere General Topics Newsgroup - Established as a vehicle for users to help each other by exchanging problems, solutions, information, and ideas, this forum covers topics related to SQL Anywhere Studio. Use more specific newsgroup if available.
  • sybase.public.sqlanywhere.product_futures_discussion
    SQL Anywhere Product Futures Discussion Newsgroup - Monitored by iAnywhere Solutions' development team, this forum is a place to suggest and discuss new features and enhancements that you would like to see incorporated in future versions of SQL Anywhere.
  • SQL Anywhere Forum
    Link for SQL Anywhere forum.
  • sybase.public.relayserver.general
    Relay Server Support Newsgroup
  • sybase.public.sqlanywhere.web
    A developer oriented discussion group for creating web applications with SQL Anywhere, including server side scripting(PHP,ASP.NET,Java), client-side scripting, web services(SOAP,JSON,REST), and rich internet applications(Ajax,AdobeAir,Silverlight,JavaFX)


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