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SQL Anywhere for Web Applications

Full-featured database for online and offline web applications


SQL Anywhere is a robust full-featured database for Web application developers. With more than 10 million deployed seats, SQL Anywhere is a proven database that delivers scalable performance, and yet is very easy to use. SQL Anywhere also provides the plumbing to build offline Web applications for when connectivity may be unreliable or impact performance.

Best of all, the Web Edition offers a free license of the SQL Anywhere:

  • Free deployment behind browser-based applications on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, with no hardware or database size limitations
  • New releases of the Web Edition at the same time as other SQL Anywhere editions - there’s no wait for the release of a community or Express edition
  • Security of a long-term roadmap backed by the No. 4 database vendor in the marketplace

Feature-Rich Development
of Online Apps

  • PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, AJAX, Java, ASP.NET, Perl, Flex and Silverlight.
  • Triggers and stored procedures written in SQL, PHP, Java, .NET and Perl.
  • Support for XML, Web Services and full-text search.

Pain-Free Administration
& Performance

  • Out-of-the-box performance with self-tuning query optimizer and dynamic cache sizing.
  • Automatically back up databases and recover from system failures.
  • Monitor and optimize performance with graphical tools like Index Consultant and Application Profiling Wizard.

Build Offline Web Applications

  • File and database synchronization between Web server and laptop/desktop.
  • Built-in local Web server with PHP support.
  • Encryption to hide code and data from unauthorized access.
  • Wizard to create synchronization logic.
  • Database synchronization for Gears, an open source browser plug-in





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