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Sybase BizTracker


Notice: The Business Activity Monitoring functionality contained in BizTracker is now part of Unwired Orchestrator, and thus BizTracker is not offered as a separate product. The product will continue to be supported until further notice.

Sybase BizTracker is a business activity monitoring solution. Business managers need accurate and timely data that reflects their segment of the market so they may continually assess the health of their enterprise. They need to answer questions such as: How much is in inventory? How many units are sold per hour, per day, per quarter? Are suppliers and partners in compliance with service level agreements? How do numbers from this year compare to those from last year? Sybase BizTracker gives access to information that helps answer these questions.


  • Real-time access to relevant data and messages- regardless of source
  • Streamlined probe technology for message and data collection
  • Visual presentation of meaningful business metrics via Web-based customizable dashboards
  • Alerts for Web, email, cell phone and pagers based upon out-of-bounds conditions
  • Controlled access to information and functional permissions
  • Failed message repair and reprocessing capabilities
  • Platform independence-supporting multiple trans-ports, integration servers, and application servers


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